Modern Hostel Inclusive of Air Conditioned rooms, Guest room for parents, Automized digital conference hall, Campus domain based network with 10mbps leased line, Community Radio 90.4 MHz.

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Spread over a six acre campus of lush green environs, the institution boasts of an aesthetically pleasing stately building endowed with world class infrastructure. The college has an imposing four storeyed building comprising an entire Arts wing, a high-tech four storeyed Science/Fashion Designing Block and a four storeyed academic wing housing the Commerce, Management, Computer Science, Punjabi, History, Political Science and Sociology faculties, four storeyed block for IGNOU Study Centre, two storeyed block for PG Courses of English & PGDMC, four storeyed Cafeteria building and three storeyed Fashion Designing block. The major highlights of our unparalleled infrastructure are:

Lecture Theatres/Classrooms: The college building consists of around 156 well ventilated classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids that include interactive smart boards and slide projectors.

Administrative Block: The College has an imposing, prodigious, professional centrally air conditioned Administrative Block with a PRO desk. This block also comprises of a commanding and well designed Principal’s office, a spacious and aesthetically decorated President’s office, two ultra-modern computerized clerical offices and an air-conditioned Guest Room.

Server: The College infrastructure consists of a hi-tech air-conditioned server room with 6 servers working round the clock for monitoring and managing all daily routine activities.

LAN: The College is having campus wide networking of 236 computers and 6 servers. The complete LAN is built on a corporate pattern and has access to servers from any computer. This LAN consists of 9 Computer Labs. In addition several PCs are provided in office for administrative work.

Notifications disseminated through LAN: With the implementation of the communication software in the College, the staff is able to exchange notices, circulars and information with each other. The intra-mail facility available in the college is used for various activities. Teachers teaching the same subject can exchange subject-related information, model test papers, worksheets, lesson designs etc.  Gradually, we plan to implement the concept of the corporate sector of a paperless office.

The LAN consists of following servers:

  1. Internet: A dedicated leased-line of 1:1 circuit of 2 mbps bandwidth is distributed on LAN
  2. Domain Controller: This server is primary high end server from Intel Platform series. It is dedicated to control all the users and members of the domain wide activities. It has full redundant power supplies and RAID technology for handling all kinds of fault tolerances. The server provides roaming documents and centralized storage of data for any PC and any user base access to the server.
  3. Additional Domain Controller: It manages all the user accounts for their need of central database and some terminal services to be used from it. Also, it is the primary communication source to the college staff and students for intra-mail and intra-net hosting.
  4. Linux: Linux server is used for teaching students about Linux and is controlled via their windows desktop only by giving the shell access within the windows console.
  5. Proxy Server: A proxy server (4 GB RAM, 2.3 GHz Intel I Core 3 Processor, 1TB HDD) is used to deliver the internet access and provides direct monitoring and firewall services.

F: Antivirus Admin Console: This server is deployed to centralize and administer all the antivirus needs for the college systems and PCs. This provides centralized distribution of Licenses for antivirus, monitoring, scanning and update facility.

  1. Multimedia Lab: The College has nine multimedia labs which are equipped with LCD projectors and high gain screens along with dedicated computers. The lab has special presentation software which assists in teaching. The labs are used for demonstration of various multimedia CD’s and CBT (Computer based teaching) aids. The generic models of science and videos are used for demonstrations.

H: Surveillance: The campus is now round the clock under CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). 32 Cameras are monitoring round the clock, different important parts of the college.

This brings collateral security of campus and discipline also by regular monitoring of college routine activities.

UGC Network: The UGC network provides access to students of college to UGC sites and various Examination Preparation Modules which are available online via UGC website. It’s a unique resource sharing system which can utilize the digital media such as e-books, CBT methodology programs and various other online resources for study and research works. The students have facility of printing and scanning also under this crown.

Library: ‘The Wardrobe of Literature’ – Library acts as a backbone to the nurturing young minds of our students. This session the college library received a new professional look by digitalizing the library with the installation of 1 server and 10 brand new computers, thereby giving it a corporate look and reducing the paper work. The college library is equipped with a whopping 30464 plus books with internet facility i.e. online surfing is made available to the students and the faculty members free of cost. A Book Bank facility is also provided to the needy students.

Reading Hall: The College boasts of a spacious air-cooled reading hall with a seating capacity of 450 readers. It is well stocked with reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, year-books, subject bibliography, magazines, periodicals and journals. The college subscribes to 86 plus magazines and journals and 24 newspapers which are also placed in the reading hall for readers to browse.

Auditorium: A modern, technically sound, air-conditioned spacious auditorium boasting of a seating capacity of 1500 audience, with an acoustic sound proof system is another hallmark of the college. The Auditorium also houses a spacious Exhibition Hall which meets our requirements when needed to display dresses and artifacts by the FD department.

Conference Hall: The college infrastructure is bedecked with a 200 seated, fully air-conditioned, Conference Hall. The hall has digital bidirectional conference system with full HD projectors. It has intelligent lighting system which is adaptive to conference needs. The conference system is pre-programmed and fully automated thus avoiding any need of operator or user interface. The entire lighting system and air-conditioning is fully automated which is controlled from a single desk.

Committee Hall: A Committee Hall with a seating capacity of 130 plus caters to the organization of urgent faculty meetings and other day-to-day significant discussions.

Guest Room: In the calming and soothing scent of the flora, an ultra modern, state-of-art centrally air-conditioned guest room has been built with a view to facilitate a comfortable and a cozy get together of parents with their wards who are staying in the hostel.

Hostel: To provide respite to the hostellers from the scorching heat, special rooms of the hostel building that accommodate approximately 250 students have been provided with air-condition facility and are allotted on the demand by the parents of the wards. Hostel has an imposing four-storeyed building which houses strength of approximately 1000 students. It has well ventilated 150 rooms inclusive of three Reading Halls, three Recreational Halls, fitted with Home Theatre, Music System, Plasma TV etc., a well equipped gymnasium, a laundry, ironing facilities, a PCO with STD and ISD facility, solar heaters, coolers, water purifiers, geysers, etc.

Science Labs and Museums: The College has museums in the subjects of Botany and Zoology with a rich collection of specimens, slides, charts and models.  50 science labs in the subjects of Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Industrial Chemistry etc. are fully functional.

Botanical Garden: A well landscaped botanical garden with a wide variety of plants, shrubs and herbs grown according to their classification is maintained in the college.

Language Lab: Realizing the worth of the global language- English, a well furnished digital and air conditioned language lab with 15 computers and one server is functional in the college.

Computer Labs: The College has 9 spacious, well maintained and air-conditioned computer labs consisting of about 218 Hi-tech computers, 10 Centralized and 34 individual UPS, 5 laptops, 5 Servers, 8 Smart Boards, 22 Laser Printers, 9 LCD Projectors, 4 OHPs, Web Camera, Digital Camera, 1 iPad including numerous legal software like 200 Window 7/8 Pro, 150 Office 2010, 1 Photoshop, 1 Tally, an Oracle 9i, a Server 2008, a Visual Studio, a Macromedia Director etc.

Luncheon Hall: A spacious comfortable, air-conditioned Luncheon Hall sufficing the capacity of 100 people at a time is utilized for refreshments.

Fashion Designing Labs: The fashion design department boasts of 21 Labs in FD-I and FD-II Blocks which are replete with embroidery machines, sewing machines, try rooms, display windows, stitch makers, overlock machines, umbrella sewing machines and 10 computers also on which the students can work on designing, drafting, sketching, cutting, stitching, painting, printing etc.

Interior Designing and Decoration Lab: The Interior Designing and Decoration department functions from its well-furnished lab consisting of drafting tables and other infrastructure related to building material and construction, furniture designing, display designing etc.

Dance Lab: The College has a well equipped Dance Lab which has a large number of musical instruments including Harmonium, Tabla Player, CD player and a TV along with an equally good number of CDs and Cassettes.

Cosmetology Lab: There are 5 labs in the Cosmetology Department that are well furnished with latest Beauty and Culture equipments such as Nail Art instruments, Mehandi applicators etc.

Music Labs: The College has two music labs – Vocal and Instrumental which are well equipped with all the instruments such as the Sitar, Tabla, Tanpura, Swar Mandal and latest facilities of audio-visual systems like Music System and a VCD player.

Fine Arts Lab: The College hosts a well-equipped Fine Arts Lab with the provision of easels, dankies and drawing boards etc. to facilitate the students in outpouring their creative energies.

NCC Room: An NCC office serves as a platform to hold meetings, formulate plans and to store equipments.

NSS Room: The College has a well equipped NSS room which hosts meetings and implements programmes and arranges events such as competitions, contests, blood donation camps and celebration of red letter days.

Sports Facilities: The College has a provision of one of the best indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Apart from arranging coaches for different games, the college also motivates the sports students to participate in various coaching camps and practice matches.

Cafeteria: A sparkling and hygienically clean place with vibrant paintings, relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere is provided for students wherein they can procure delicious knickknacks and relax with a cup of tea in their activity filled day on the campus.

Gymnasium: A state-of-the-art gymnasium replete with treadmills, joggers, exercise bikes and other fitness facilities is yet another feather in our cap. Staff and students alike are free to use the gymnasium and keep themselves mentally and physically fit and alert.

Stationery Shop: A tuck shop is run for the convenience of the students. It is stocked with the regular student necessities such as books, stationery items, cards, gifts etc.

Generator: A 200 KW silent generator, an 82 KW capacity generator and two new generator sets of 160 KW capacities each are installed in the campus for 24 hours electricity supply to the college and hostel.

P.C.O./Photostat Facility: Three Photostat machines are operative on the campus for the convenience of students and staff to get important notes/documents xeroxed. PCO facility is also provided in the college campus.

Accommodation Facility: Accommodation facility is provided to the teaching and non-teaching staff members within the premises of the college.  This accommodation is provided to them free of cost. At present, four non-teaching members have been provided accommodation for their families on the college campus.