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Library Rules

  • Free Internet facility is available in the college library to all the students.
  • Every regular college student is issued an Identity – cum – Library Card.
  • Identity–cum–Library Card is non – transferable.
  • A student can ordinarily get two books issued on her library card for 14 days. The issued book may be renewed further with the permission of the librarian. The student may be asked to return the book even before the expiry of normal period of loan.
  • A fine of Rs. 1/– per day is imposed on the students who do not return their books on due date.
  • All the students visiting the library must carry their identity cards.
  • In case a book is damaged or lost, the person concerned will have to pay the full price of the book. If the lost/damaged book is a part of the series, the student will be asked to pay for the whole series.
  • The students are required to return all the library books before the beginning of final exams.
  • Absolute silence must be observed in the Library. Defaulters will not be allowed to sit in the library and use its facilities.